Dispenser of training
How is a good spray obtained?
How does a pump work?
Which pump to choose for the product we want to launch?
We have a very fragile product to launch. Which filling method should we choose?
How do I know that my product will be compatible with the proposed pump?
Quelles sont les fixations disponibles ?
• I have a very thick cosmetic product. Is there a pump that can dispense it?
These vital questions have one
or more answers.

Our training courses exist to help you navigate the Valois offer and to develop the spirit of partnership between our companies.

Teaching methods combining visual, manual and interactive aids.

A qualified and experienced trainer.
Product Training
50, avenue de l’Europe
Tél.: +33(0)1 39 17 20 20
Fax : +33(0)1 39 58 12 98


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Who can inform me?

- Your Valois salesperson
- The product training department directly: Marie Guyomard
Where will the training take place?

- At our production sites (If a factory visit is included with the course)
- We can also visit your premises
Can I customise the training according to my needs?

YES Contact us and together we will find the most suitable subjects for your requirements
In which language will the training be given?

English or French. It’s up to you
to choose.
. . . See you soon!